Come and travel through time at the 54th Manitoba Highland Gathering! Wear a wee bit o’ the Tartan (items available for purchase) and/or a costume of your favourite period of Scottish/Celtic history.

When you visit the living history or reenactment villages you will travel trough time. Experience different periods of Scottish history. See the Vikings (Hands of Lugh 793-1066). Not only will they be portraying marauding Vikings but one shelter will be portraying the life of Vikings that have settled into Scottish villages that they captured! Experience Medieval times with the Barony of Castel Rouge, Mounted archery with the Crescent Moon Mounted Arches in period costumes & riding horses belonging to the Heritage Breeds of Canada; The last Jacobite Uprising (Outlander) in 1745-47; The Selkirk Settlers at Red River 1812-25 with The Manitoba Living History Society, thru to the present day with the Red River North Tourism’s Arts & Heritage Committee displays. The Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada, MB Genealogical Society, Clan Booths, hand spinners, The Lord Selkirk Settlers Association, Robert Burns Club of Winnipeg, The Fort Garry Horse Museum, a Gaelic info booth and more!

The villages are set up the night before. The reenactment/living history folk dress, live, shelter, eat, breath, sleep and function as historically correct as possible to their time period.

Create your costume and equipment surrounded by mentors who will be working on their own costumes, leather working, metal working, weaponry, fighting demonstrations and learning about the history of that time, throughout the year. Please keep in mind that it will take more than one workshop to make a costume.

Hands of Lugh Viking (793-1066)
The Barony of Castel Rouge Medieval European 900-1450 email: seneschal@castelrouge.ca
Jacobite Uprising (1745-46, Outlander)
Manitoba Living History Society 1812-1825 The Selkirk Settlers at Red River
The Winnipeg Historical Fencing Club
Winnipeg Knightly Arts

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