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The Legendary Land

Frail traces of kindred kindness,
Of feud by hill and strand,
The heritage of an age-long life
In a legendary land.

From a poem by Duncan Campbell Scott


While we canna’ hold our gathering on rocky hill or verdant glen, you will still hear the sounds and see the sights of our heritage in the legendary land that is Scotland when you come.

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The MHG at C4 2018

This year the Manitoba Highland Gathering will not only have a showcasing table at C4, there will also be demos going on on Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Highland Dancing, Pipes and Drums and Heavies.

The MHG will also send a representative to the SwordExperience with Adrian Paul, “Duncan McLeod” from the TV Series “Highlander”. The Manitoba Highland Gathering is sending a representative to the SwordExperience with Adrian Paul! Dr.Adriana Pausenwein will represent the MHG at this C4 event. She has 10+ years experience in Iaido (Japanese swordfighting). She studied at the Seishinkan Dōjō (Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu) in Vienna under Dr.Elisabeth Noisser (7. Dan Iaidô (IMAF), 5. Dan Nihon Jūjutsu (IMAF), 1. Dan Karatedō (IMAF)) from 1996 to 2005


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2018 Gathering Concluded

The 51st Annual Manitoba Highland Gathering took place on the 23th and 24th of June 2018. we are looking forward to welcome you again in 2019!

This time we will have a very special chieftain of the day: Malcolm Sinclair, Earl of Caithness

Will ye no come back again?