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We are on the list of Travel MB’s top ten rural Festivals.

We have been awarded a spot in the Top 100 Events in North America by the American Bus Association.

The members of the Manitoba Highland Gathering strive to preserve, promote, nurture, share and educate folk about our colourful Scottish Culture and Heritage, Arts, Sports and Agriculture.

We are a non profit organization run exclusively by volunteers (youth to senior) putting on a R.M. of St. Clements designated family fun filled outdoor event with the rain venue on site.

If you are interested in working with us throughout the year and on the days of the Gathering. We love what we do and have a good time doing it. Shared jobs make the load much lighter, easier and more fun. Please Sign up below!

Be sure to bring your chairs and umbrellas as we happen rain or shine!! Some of our events happen outdoors in the rain. If it rains some of the events will join the environmentally sensitive vendor booths and the Regional Historical Groups Exhibits and story tellers in the arena. Dancing will move to the school.

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3 months ago
Celebrate Virtually with us in 2020! – Manitoba Highland Gathering

Celebrate virtually with us!
A taste of MHG, Dignitaries & VIP's and Sword tutorials!
Please complete a short survey to help us continue to receive funding from the Ethnocultural Community Support ... See more

Celebrate Virtually with us in 2020! 54th Manitoba Highland Gathering – Due to Covid-19 we are unable to have our usual celebration in June. We are working hard to bring to life all the activities ... See more

3 months ago

Virtual AGM Nov. 17,2020

3 months ago
Santa Parade of Lights ready to roll, stationary style | Selkirk Settler Times

Parade of Lights- in a new way for 2020!

NewsSelkirk Santa Parade of Lights ready to roll, stationary style By Judy Owen - October 13, 2020 0 44 Facebook Twitter Pinterest WhatsApp The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked organizers to create a ... See more

3 months ago
Solo Covid 19 Broadsword Lesson #19- Refining cuts and Circular Parries

Check this out!

I'm back! Covid restrictions are a bummer, but let's take a look at making more efficient cuts by shaving off excess motion and using that same principle wit...

3 months ago
Braemar Gathering and Highland Games Centre


Grampian District Pipes and Drums performing "Battle of the Somme" and "The Heights of Dargai" outside the Braemar Gathering and Highland Games Centre Pavilion in August 2019. The band are based in ... See more

3 months ago
Aberdeenshire Scotland

Dance competitors taking part in the Hullachan Scottish Highland Dance open during the 2019 Braemar Gathering Highland Games in Aberdeenshire Scotland. Hullachan is a Scottish Gaelic name also used ... See more

4 months ago
Red River North Tourism

Are you new to the area? Have you just moved to St. Andrews, St. Clements, or the City of Selkirk? If so, you are eligible to enter our contest! 🎉

We are giving away the chance to win a tour of ... See more

4 months ago
Unique Ireland


Mark your Calendars !!!

Prairie Thistle will be back with us on October 3RD from 1:30 to 3:30 playing the pipes and drums . Come and support a Local Pipe band & a Local Shop !!!

4 months ago
Unique Ireland

Prairie Thistle pop up!

Prairie Thistle Live At Unique Ireland

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