2020 – Celebrated Virtually

54th Manitoba Highland Gathering – Due to Covid-19 we are unable to have our usual celebration in June.

100,000 welcomes to the Manitoba Highland Gathering!
Explore Scottish History! Be astonished by Highland Dancing and Heavy Games.
Embrace the sounds of Pipes & Drums. Be awestruck with Swords.
Feel the strokes of the canoe/kayak paddlers.
Travel thru time in our villages from 600 AD to present day.

Try reading it in Gaelic, phonetically in italics. NOTE: “kh” = sound of “ch” in “loch.”

Ceud mìle fàilte gu Cruinneachadh Gàidhealach Mhanitoba!
Kee-ut meela fahlcha go kroonyukhugh gayalukh vanitoba!
Rannsaichaibh eachdraidh na h-Alba! Cuiribh iongantas oirbh-fhéin le dannsa Gàidhealach agus geamannan troma!
Ra-oo-seekhuv yakhtree na halapa! Kooruv ee-untus orupayn le da-oosa gayalakh agus gaymanan trowma!
Caidiribh fuaimean phìoban agus drumaichean! Bithibh fiannach le claidhean!
Kajruv foo-aman fee-pan agus drumeekhan! Bee-uv fee-anakh le klayan!
Mothaichibh buillean-iomraidh ràimh nan canuthaichean/caidheagan!
Moe-eekhuv boolyan-immaree rayv nan canoo-eekhan/kayakan!
Siubhalaibh tro ùine bho bhailtean beaga meadhon aoiseil chun an latha an diugh!
Shooluv tro oonya fo valtchan beka mee-an ooshal hoon a law an yoo!

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Get your Scottish on! See what you’re missing out on….

Crescent Moon Horseback Archery
Hands of Lugh intro
2019 Scottish Market
Elder Ruth Christie
MHG Canoe/Kayak Championship
Heavy Games
Celebrate virtually with us!

Winnipeg Knightly Arts tutorial survey
Broadsword Academy Manitoba tutorial survey

MHG Motto: Pride, Honour, Tradition


Typically throughout the two days we have various multicultural entertainment. Some for simply your listening and viewing pleasure & some for you to get up and participate in!

Kids in Kilts Highland Dancers
Fiddling by Ed Golisski
Red River Jigging with Gerri Wright- shows the audience basic steps and are welcomed to join in!
Orkney and Indigenous Story Telling with Ruth Christie
Bear Clan drumming
Ukrainian Dance
Lads ‘n Lasses Scottish Country dancers – audience participation encouraged
Country Kickers Square dancers
Royal Scottish Association of Country Dance

Outside Entertainment may include:

Prairie Thistle Pipes and Drums
RCMP Pipes and Drums
The putting on of the great kilt
Medieval Dance
Jousting horses and riders
Hoop Dancer
Young Fiddler


The ANAVETS Pancake Breakfast is served each morning at the arena. Folk may eat outside or at the Red Lion Scottish Food Booth seating area in the arena.

Red Lion Scottish Food Booth offers up traditional Scottish Fare.
4 Scrumptious presentations of the Haggis, Sausage Rolls, Meat pies, Scotch Eggs, Bannock, Oat Cakes, Shortbread & Imperial Cookies. Check them out here
An aside, two of the International Clan Sinclair members states that our haggis is the best he’s tasted in his world travels and that it was some of the top haggis he has sampled world wide!


Home Plate, part of ESRA, located at the Club House.
Food Trucks vary from year to year: The Little Eggplant – Italian street food & gelati
We have a wide variety of vendors in the arena- Scottish fare, crafts, jewelry, food, educational, books….

*Events/Entertainers/schedule may change from year to year. These are examples of what you may expect when you visit us at the Manitoba Highland Gathering. If you are interested in something in particular, please contact us to confirm.

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We are always looking for more members and volunteers

If you would like to get involved with the Gathering, please feel free to contact us.