Red Lion Scottish Food Booth

Haggis: Scotland’s National dish. It’s a savoury, nutty textured dish, made with the sheep’s heart, liver, lungs and a variety of spices, encased in the animal’s stomach, then cooked to perfection. Manitoba Highland Gathering’s haggis is locally made, using a top secret family recipe. There are many different ways to enjoy haggis. Traditionally served with neeps and tatties (turnips and potatoes).
Come to the Manitoba Highland Gathering to try Haggis 4 different ways!

Scotch Pies: AKA Mutton Pies. A delectable small pie made with a double crust, filled with spiced mutton. Scotch pies were the choice food for the working man. A nutritional food that travels well and convenient to eat with one hand. These yummy pies gave the working man energy to last through the long work days.

Scotch Eggs: A delicious egg snack that is either soft or hard boiled, covered with pork sausage and coated with breadcrumbs. Scotch eggs are a perfect food for a family picnic and can be served either warm or cold.

Oat Cakes: An easy oatmeal cake to make on an open fire, only requiring a few ingredients. Oat cakes are a highly nutritional cake, that is a staple in a good Scottish diet.

Shortbread: A traditional Scottish biscuit made from a few simple ingredients, formed into rectangle slabs, that maintain their shape while baking. Though enjoyed at any time of the year, shortbread is normally associated with Christmas and Hogmany.

Imperial Cookies: A delectable jam filled, two layered cookie, topped with white icing and decorated with a  glacé cherry. For those with a sweet tooth, this is the superb treat to finish off a traditional Scottish meal.

Bannock: Originating in Scotland and eventually adopted by the Indigenous peoples of Canada. Bannock is a type of fry bread stemming from the Gaelic word bannach, meaning “morsel”. Traditionally the Scottish cooked the bread on a Bannock Stone, which was placed on the floor in front of a fire. It is a simple and quick bread to make. Enjoy warm with butter or pack in your bag for a snack later!

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