**Note that this year we are not having an in person event. Please check back for details on our virtual Manitoba Highland Gathering

If you are coming from Winnipeg, the most direct route is to take HWY 59 North out of the city.  Drive past turnoff for PR 509 (CIL road) turn left when you get to PR 212. The entrance to the Gathering will then be your second left.

If you are coming from Selkirk, head over the blue bridge on Eaton Ave and take the first left. Follow PR 212. You will pass over the creek and into a residential area. When you come to the bend, slow down – the entrance to the Gathering is just around the bend on your right.

If you are from neither Selkirk nor Winnipeg, use the maps above to find your way. The address for the site is as follows:

Legacy Park, East Selkirk
R.M. of St. Clements
Just off HWY 59 & PR 212
Located behind the East Selkirk Recreational Centre